Spiderman: Homecoming


Image result for spiderman homecoming posterMarvel has once again delivered a visually-striking action-packed thriller that serves its purpose well. It’s filled with plenty of fun action and witty humor, giving Marvel fans almost everything they’re looking for. With this kind of film, it is easy to worry about repeats with all of the remakes and reboots that are out there, such as the recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie, The Mummy remake or the upcoming Jurassic World film. However, Spiderman: Homecoming is nowhere near a remake or reboot of the previous Spiderman films. While it has a similar structure and tone to it, it’s creative uniqueness comes from its characters and humor.

Unlike Sam Raimi’s Spiderman, this film begins after Peter Parker has been bit, after the whole upsetting Uncle Ben thing and after he discovers his spidey-abilites. The plot is basic. Peter Parker is being trained to become an Avenger by Tony Stark (Iron Man). Meanwhile, a new threat arises. Spiderman must figure out how to defeat the Vulture (Michael Keaton), without stirring up too much attention. Of course, Iron Man wants him to sit tight since he believes his skills aren’t there yet, but of course Spiderman doesn’t roll that way. Like a teenager, he believes he can do whatever he wants or can. Disobeying Iron Man, he goes after The Vulture and attempts to save the day.

The best thing about Spiderman: Homecoming are the fun action sequences. However, what makes these sequences so fantastic, is Spiderman himself. Tom Holland plays Spiderman and does a superb job. His performance is delightful and fits his character well. The nice thing about this movie is that fact that they had Spiderman act like an actual teenager, which unfortunately is something we haven’t seen before. He’s lusting after a pretty girl (, he desires to be liked, and he wants to prove one really annoying bully wrong. Holland has so far, been the best choice to play Spiderman and nails it perfectly. Holland also perfectly delivers the wit and humor that his character needs.

On the other hand, the main villain, The Vulture, was an underwhelming character. He’s a stereotypical villain, that also happened to be miscast. This is not to say that Keaton’s acting abilities are low. He’s one of the most skilled actors working today, but it happens to be that this role was not built for him. The lines that were given for the Vulture were tacky, making for a very dull and uninteresting character. But, this does not drag the film down enough for it to not be enjoyable.

The entire movie is full of the witty humor that should belong in all of the Spiderman films. The movie serves as a comedy and an action together, giving Marvel fans the perfect film. A lot of the humor in other Marvel films can be flat out, unfunny. That’s not the case with Spiderman: Homecoming and the reason it works, is because of the high-school context and Spiderman himself as a well written character.

Overall Grade: B+

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