Good Time

With Josh and Benny Safdie’s Good Time, Robert Pattinson deviates from his usual campy, vampire, romantic roles, and gives us something deeper and more though-provoking. Pattinson plays Connie Nikas, a criminal who is on the run after he and his brother rob a bank. After his brother Nick (Benny Safdie), is captured by the police, he is on the move to escape his pursuers. More importantly, he makes it his mission to gather up the money and release his brother from jail without getting caught by the authorities.

Good Time is stunning, riveting and an overall enjoyable work of art. At face value, this is a thrilling chase film, but what it truly is under the surface can only be explained through taking the time and effort to see it. What makes the film so intense and enjoyable, is the fact that it is an “in the moment film”. The Safdie brothers make sure that you have one thing to focus on at once, and whatever is happening is so engaging and intense, that you forget about everything else.

Pattinson blows it out of the park with this one, giving us a believable and relatable performance with his character. Through his performance, he makes us realize Connie’s deeper emotions towards his brother. Connie however, is an awful human being on the surface and is nasty criminal, who has one thing on his mind. The only redeemable quality about him is that he cares for his brother and will do just about anything to see that no harm comes to him, making his character much more intriguing. While this is a thrilling chase film, it’s also a character study of Connie and his struggles with his inner self. There is so much this film has to offer, that it becomes more of an experience than just a movie.

Connie’s brother Nick, is also brilliantly played by Benny Safdie. Nick is mentally challenged and the film opens with a scene with him and his psychologist drilling him with questions. The expressions on his face, and the tone and the words slowly pouring out of his mouth, tell us so much about him within the first minute of the movie than thought possible. There is a similar scene towards the end of the film that shows us how much Safdie is capable of when it comes to acting.

What makes Good Time so wonderful is that it flourishes in style. Like many other independent films, Good Time has its own unique feel to it, that deviates from any other film. The electrifying images, the neon-drenched atmosphere, the intense music, and the amazing cinematography make this film unique in its own way. It is somehow unsettling and chaotic, while being exciting and captivating from start to finish.

Overall Grade: A-

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