mother! (Spoiler Analysis)

In Darren Aronofsky’s mother!, each character represents a different idea. Mother represents mother nature and Him represents a higher being that is worshiped. They live peacefully together but when Man enters the house, chaos erupts. As you saw in the film, Man and Woman are much more into Him than they are into Mother. They are both there to see Him because they adore his work, but it seems as though they are so into him that they even worship his presence.

Man, and Woman seem to represent the first beings on Earth. They are the first to enter the house and the first to deny Mother’s existence. Instead, they seem to care more about Him, which is why they are there in the first place.

After they have been at the house, chaos slowly begins to erupt, distressing Mother. Their sons come into the house, one of them is murdered, her furniture is broken and she feels that her home has been invaded by strangers that it was not built for. This represents how humans have treated the environment over the years. In a sense, we have invaded Earth since the beginning and used the planet in whatever ways we could, distressing Mother Nature herself. The way humans have treated the environment overall, is deplorable and the character of Mother represents the impacts of our actions.

This continues throughout the entire film, especially towards the end when the poet’s super fans enter the house and begin invading and destroying the entire place, ignoring all of Mother’s wishes. They all worship Him and as a result, ignore Mother Nature. His behavior doesn’t help as he blatantly wants the attention they give him. As they are all destroying the house, we see the actual acts that humans have committed on the planet and more blatantly it shows us the history of man’s violence.

Finally, at the end of the film, Mother has her baby but it is murdered and eaten by the humans of planet earth, showing once again that humans are blatantly cruel to Mother Nature without giving it a second thought. Him, believes that his worshipers need to be forgiven, an idea that is present within many religions.

While, I don’t believe this film is anti-religious, it does show us that as a result of religion, our environment is negatively affected. More evidently however, it shows us how humans have mistreated Mother Nature since the dawn of man, through a brilliant allegory.

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