Sandra Escacena in Verónica (2017)When first released, the Spanish horror film Veronica was hyped up to be one of the scariest horror movies on the Netflix streaming service. However, after viewing, it is evident that it was likely just a plea to get more viewers. Veronica is another horror movie where teens make the genius decision of playing around with a Ouija board without any thoughts about the demonic consequences. Veronica, the oldest of four, watches over her younger brother and sisters and must protect them after being followed by an evil force that continues to haunt her, both in her daily life and in her nightmares. The film is made by the director of the [●Rec] franchise, Paco Plaza and is based on actual police reports.

If you’re looking for a unique horror movie experience, this one definitely isn’t for you. It follows every horror stereotype you can think of including characters that make stupid decisions, leading to more spooky hauntings. For some this may be important in the horror movie experience, but it would be nice to see characters make intelligent decisions, while keeping the terror and suspense intact.

Veronica is not frightening enough and is especially not as terrifying as it was built up to be. There are plenty of jump scares which are fun, but the terror never really hits the way it should. The movie has plenty of creepy images throughout that don’t seem to have much of an affect. It’s almost as though the movie attempts to be scary over and over, constantly trying to top the last attempt. There’s plenty of dead people walking around and blind nuns that say mysterious things, but while these are creepy to some people, they don’t have a strong enough effect. There is very little plot as the film goes along, focusing primarily on scaring the audience. If the focus was spread out a bit more and gave us some plot twists and characters with depth, the film would have many more entertaining layers.

The film can be fun though. Despite its flaws and irritating characters, the film does keep us locked in. The film opens with police responding to a distress call from the apartment, letting us know that something eerie is going to go down. We’re then brought back three days earlier. This keeps us in suspense and wonder as we contemplate would happened at the apartment, although it is pretty predictable nonetheless. Another redeemable element is the performances by the young actors, Sandra Escacena (Veronica), Bruna Gonzales (Lucia), Claudia Placer (Irene) and Ivan Chavero (Antonito). However, as entertaining as Veronica is, when it comes down to it, its just another Ouija board move like the movie…. Ouija.

Most disappointing scene: The dream sequence that tried too hard

Redeemable scene: The ending sequence in the apartment

Rewatchability: 25%

Grade: C-

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