Incredibles 2

Samuel L. Jackson, Holly Hunter, Craig T. Nelson, Brad Bird, and Huck Milner in Incredibles 2 (2018)Pixar’s latest adventure brings back the Fantastic Four-like animated superheroes we saw back fourteen years ago. Pixar’s “The Incredibles” showed us a family of superheroes; Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet and Dash, along with their friend Frozone. We even got a glimpse of the newborn Jack-Jack, whose powers remained a mystery until the end. Now, after fourteen years, we pick up right where the original left off with the Incredibles about ready to fight the supervillain named The Underminer. This isn’t the focal point of the sequel but acts as a nice bridge into a story in which Pixar’s shows its best abilities to continue story lines with ease.

Superheroes are still illegal and after the Incredibles are arrested for attempting to stop the Underminer, Elastigirl is offered a job to help promote super heroism, while her husband Mr. Incredible is left to take care of the kids in a ritzy house given to them by her employer, Winston Deavor. While Elastigirl is out saving the world, Mr. Incredible has difficulties figuring out Dash’s math homework, Violet’s boy crush, and Jack-Jack’s apparent never ending series of hidden powers. The majority of the film is basically split into two sides; one in which we follow Elastigirl and the twists and turns that come her way with her new job, and one in which we follow their family life at home with a baby that becomes much more important than originally thought.

The voice acting is incredibly well done (no pun intended) and cannot go unnoticed. Mr. Incredible is voiced by Craig T. Nelson, while his wife; Elastigirl is voiced by Holly Hunter. Sarah Vowell plays Violet, Huck Milner plays Dash, Eli Fucile plays Jack-Jack, Bob Odenkirk plays Winston Deavor, Catherine Keener plays Evelyn and Samuel L. Jackson plays Frozone.

The very best part of this film is watching Jack-Jack and his powers. He can burst into flames, fade through walls, shoot lasers from his eyes, or grow to an abnormally large size. This will surely please fans of the first film after its hilarious ending, in which we see Jack Jack’s powers unfold as he struggles with the main villain. Jack-Jack’s scenes in “Incredibles 2” are the best reasons to see this film and are without a doubt, the funniest moments of this Pixar sequel.

Pixar has had its bad share of sequels, but this definitely isn’t one of them. “Cars 2” and “Cars 3” are among the worst of them, and “Finding Dory” and Monsters University” never really lived up to fans’ wishes. However, we’ve also been given three “Toy Story” films that are each quite perfect. “Incredibles 2” is one of the much better sequels to come out of this animation company, giving many fans a sigh of relief.

While “Incredibles 2” is an animated kids movie, it’s still not made as much for children as it is for adults. There’s plenty of parenting humor to go around, and the movie acts as a way to please fans of the original (many of which are now in their early adulthood years). While there’s plenty for children to enjoy here, adults can have a great time as well and there may even be more laughter that comes from the parents watching the film than their children. The film acts as a stellar comedy and a constantly thrilling action movie, in addition to acting as a sweet family film for all ages.

Rated PG for action sequences and some brief mild language

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