The Happytime Murders

Melissa McCarthy and Dorien Davies in The Happytime Murders (2018)Imagine you took “Muppets Take Manhattan” and combined it with both “Goodfellas” and “Deadpool”. All are great films, but when put together, it doesn’t stand a chance. Just because you like spaghetti and ice cream, that doesn’t mean you should try them together.

In “The Happytime Murders” a puppet/LAPD detective teams up with an old partner named Connie Edwards (Melissa McCarthy) to track down a murderer who is killing off the former cast of an old classic puppet tv show one by one. In this world, puppets and humans co-exist, only puppets are viewed as second class citizens. As multiple puppets are being viscously murdered, its up to this detective to save as many of the puppets as he can.

It’s a raunchy comedy with very little depth to it, not surprisingly. “The Happytime Murders” feels lifeless from start to finish, with pointless jokes thrown into the mix. All you need to know about the movie is that puppets do naughty things and that supposed to be funny because… they’re puppets. That is the entire purpose of the film. The crass humor may be funny at first, but then it continues to occur over and over again, with no different types of jokes. Every comedic moment in the movie is almost the same, which gets increasingly old as “The Happytime Murders” continues to derail itself scene by scene.

It’s almost as though the writers of the movie just wanted to ruin childhoods by creating an overly violent, crude and shocking puppet movie. The violence and crudeness are definitely there, but in terms of shock, it instead comes out as annoyance. Nobody was expecting Oscar winning puppetry here, but the fact that “The Happytime Murders” is as lifeless as it is, is extremely disappointing.

The only aspect of “The Happytime Murders” that saves it from being the worst film of the year is the Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph duo. After both actresses were on SNL and starred in the hilarious “Bridesmaids” together, they were both then known as some of the funniest comedic actresses working today. Maya Rudolph plays the puppet’s secretary and is actually funny on her own. While its not even close to being the performance of her career, she makes certain parts of the movie tolerable. McCarthy can be funny in this movie here and there, but her scenes alone are still surprisingly underwhelming. However, when teamed with Maya Rudolph, things seem like they’re getting better. That is, until the next dreadful puppet sequence.

Rated R for strong crude and sexual content and language throughout, and some drug material

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